Christopher Hume

Squad No.
Date of Birth December 13, 1990
Age 31
Season 2021/22, 2019/20, 2018/19
Team Erdington RFC 1st XV
Position Winger
22 (3) 3 0 0 0 0 0 1




  1. Why did you start playing rugby?


When I started training with the club.


  1. How long have you played for ERFC?


Since February this year.


  1. Why did you choose Erdington RFC?


Because I met some of the coaches in our local and they were very friendly. I always wanted to join a team and play but never knew how to start till they introduced me to this great team.


  1. Any pre-match routines/habits?


I eat two pieces of fruit and do some yoga pitch side.


  1. Best rugby memory?


Watching my opposite number break through and dropping him like Goldberg while he was looking the other way for an off load.


  1. As a back, what’s your opinion on the ERFC forwards?


Solid as a rock and some are as dense and some are as heavy and some are as old.